October 6, 2022

24 Hours Being A Mom Challenge With Twin Babies I AllAroundAudrey

– But my baby is Crying.
– Also, #SchoolLife. (gasps) (screams) ♪ When I step in the building ♪ ♪ Everybody’s hands go up ♪ ♪ Unchangeable, don don don ♪ – Hi guys. It’s Audrey, and today with my sista!
– Jordan from Just Jordan 33.
– And today we’re here with our babies. Our new babies dolls. They’re real. And I thought it would be awesome
– Our twin babies.
– Since we just got our, we just adopted our babies that we should try to become real mothers, and in order to become a real mother and earn that certificate in life, you need to do a mother’s routine. So, it is currently
– Midnight.
– Midnight right now. We just got our babies to settle down. We’re gonna go put them to bed. Hopefully they’ll sleep throughout the night, and then tomorrow we’re gonna start with our routine. So, Jordan’s changing hers into PJ’s.
– Yeah, ’cause this is the outfit right now, but I want to switch it to this cutesy little outfit for PJ’s.
– And I’m just gonna wrap mine up in a blanket, because I really am just too tired. And she seems really content. We still don’t have names for them, so maybe we’ll choose their names tomorrow from your guys’ comments, ’cause I told you guys to comment on the last video.
– Yeah.
– All right.
– I’m gonna get my baby ready for bed, and then we can go to bed.
– Then we can go to bed.
– I’m a pro swaddler. I’m not a pro swaddler.
– How did you learn how to swaddle?
– I don’t remember. I kind of forgot actually. I’m really failing right now. I’ve done way better in my life. I don’t remember how I learned. Logan, here’s my baby, ready for bed. He’s already asleep. He’s already asleep. I am going downstairs, good night.
– All right guys, so, we’re not the best mothers ever and we don’t have furniture for our babies yet. So they don’t have cribs currently. You have to stick yours in your room, Jordan.
– I think my twin wants to sleep with his twin.
– No
– And you get both babies tonight.
– No, I’m not taking care of both babies. I can only handle one. Mine’s sleeping over here in my little chair. And don’t worry, it’s very soft, and there’s some toys it can play with. And so, we’re gonna put little baby right here.
– Aw, so cute.
– She’s got another blanket too. She gets cold, she can just wrap that around her. And this is where she’s sleeping tonight. Okay, you be a good baby. Sleep all night long. Mwah. Okay Jordie, it’s your turn to put your baby to bed.
– I’m stealing Audrey’s idea and I’m gonna copy her. And my baby’s bad is going to be my chair. Because our babies are twins, they have to have matching cribs. And so, I’m gonna give my baby this stuffed animal to sleep with. Yay, good night, mwah!
– Guys, it’s the middle of the night. I literally have not been sleeping that much, but my baby is crying, and I have to get up, and I have to go take care of her. I’m so tired, we just went to bed last night, this morning at midnight, and literally, it’s only been a few hours, and I just, I can’t handle this already. I am not fit to be a mother.
So, I think I have to go get my baby. Okay, she looks so happy, but she’s not. She’s crying, and it’s so loud, and I don’t know if Jordan can hear it. I don’t know if her baby’s also being really loud. It looks like my light, my bedroom light is on, but it is not on. That’s my phone light. I am so tired. How do you make a baby go back to sleep?
Shhh, it’s okay baby, it’s okay. Go back to sleep. Guys, I don’t have any bottled milk ready for her. I was gonna do that tomorrow. So I can’t do that. I don’t have any binkies or pacifiers to give her. I don’t have any toys out. Like really, there’s nothing I can do. I have the stuffed animals.
Shhh, go to sleep baby, go to sleep. And I do not want to put her in my little bed, because I am a crazy sleeper guys. Like, I roll in the middle of the night. I’m so tired, okay. ♪ Rock a bye baby, on the tree top ♪ ♪ When the wind blows ♪ I hope Jordan’s having a better night than me. I think she’s settling down. I’m gonna put her back in bed. Go to sleep, go to sleep.
Okay. She sounds like she’s kind of quieting down. I think I’m gonna go back to bed, and see if I can get any more hours of sleep. I hope she doesn’t wake me up even more in the middle of the night.
– Okay you guys, it’s like the middle of the night, and I’m so tired but like I just, I don’t know, I just woke up because I felt like I needed to check on my baby. The baby hasn’t made any noise so far, so I thought that was a little weird, ’cause usually babies are like crying throughout the night, and so I just figured I’d check up on him, make sure everything’s doing okay.
And I wanted to film it so you guys can see, so let’s go over and check on him. Baby. Look at him. Oh my goodness, he’s so like sound asleep. Okay, my baby’s actually so good. Like he’s completely asleep. He’s doing pretty good. Okay, I’m gonna go back to bed. Good night.
– Okay guys, it is the next morning. Last night was so rough. I haven’t seen Jordan yet, or how her baby went, but I’m already I’m in new clothes, looking real good but still really tired from last night, ’cause she would not stop crying. She’s being a little angel right now, and first thing of the day is I have to do some homework, because I have homework due tomorrow.
So, #SchoolLife! And once Jordan comes up, I think I’m gonna change my baby’s clothes into like new clothes because she’s been wearing this a lot. So she needs something new, fun, and fresh. And then we’ll just take our day from there. So, I’m gonna start working on my my homework.
Yay! Okay guys, I’m cooking some lunch. So we’re gonna be baking these tater tots and chicken cordon bleu. Into the oven. I’ve also got some soup here. When you have a baby, you always have to have them with you.
So, I’m gonna keep her as far away from the oven as possible. And we’re gonna start baking lunch, because I am hungry. Whew, I did it, perfect. All right guys, lunch is ready. I got my food on this plate that you can’t see. I got my little baby. She’s actually sleeping right now. I hope the smell of food doesn’t wake her up.
Yes, my baby sleeps with her eyes open. She never closes her eyes. (laughs) But I’m gonna eat my lunch. I am hungry from taking care of a baby all day. So this meal is well-deserved. I just hope she does not wake up, she smells food and then she’s hungry.
And ya know what? She needs her nap time, so. Any nap she can get is a good one. All right, I have not seen Jordan at all, so maybe she had a rough night last night and is sleeping in, but I decided to go, for my baby’s new outfit, with this Nike onesie. Really cute, really sporty. She’s already a fashionable baby.
And then pink socks. She’s really going to be going with the pink theme, ’cause we have a pink blanket, pink outfit, pink socks. She’s already wearing a pink clothes before. So let’s change her clothes and get her into some other ones, because she’s been wearing this ever since she was born.
So she really needs new clothes. All right, I’ll come back with the baby’s fashion reveal. Okay, she’s in her new outfit. We’ve got a headband that’s way too big. (laughs) And her really giant outfit too. She just, she’s really small, and a lot smaller than we expected. And then her floral footies.
So looks pretty good to me. I’m gonna wrap her back up in this. That was her outfit reveal, outfit change. Oh yeah, I had to change too because I needed comfy clothes. Okay guys, so I’ve been playing some Sims, and my baby is now crying again, and she won’t stop crying, and I’m trying to have some fun.
I’m trying to play some games. And Sims is already stressful, because I’m filming the seven toddler challenge on the adventures gaming, so you’ll have to check that out. But I have a real toddler right here that won’t stop crying. Shhh, hush little baby.
I wonder if she’s hungry or maybe she needs her diaper changed. Oh no, I don’t want to change her diaper. We just changed her clothes, so I hope it didn’t leak. Maybe we should go check on her diaper. Oh boy, here we go.
– All right, I gave my baby his new outfit. I changed him out of his PJs finally. And here he is. He looks like a little rapper, he’s like (beatboxes) yeah, word. So, I don’t know. I’m not gonna leave on the jacket, ’cause it’s kind of hot honestly, so he doesn’t need a jacket but he’s very cute and he slept throughout the whole night.
Like I literally got up once because I was just nervous, like I wanted to check on him, but no crying. To check on little baby, aww. All right you guys, so I’ve just been in my room editing. You can see here’s my laptop right here. I’ve just been editing and stuff, and I’ve been holding my little baby boy, and he’s so cute, and he’s just such a good boy.
Like, he literally, there’s no problems. He doesn’t cry at all, but he’s probably gonna need a diaper change soon, so I’m probably gonna head upstairs and do that soon, but look at how cute. Look at his outfit, let me show you.
Look at his little outfit. It’s got like a little face on his pants too. It’s so cute! So today’s a pretty chill day. I’ve just been editing and doing homework and just filming, and my baby’s honestly been so good, like the perfect child, so that’s crazy. Aww.
– Okay guys. Jordie, you’re finally up here.
– Yes.
– It’s like halfway throughout the day. I haven’t seen you. Were you like sleeping?
– No, I was doing homework and editing and stuff.
– Well, did your baby get up in the middle of the night? ‘Cause mine did.
– No. Mine was like the perfect child. I even got up to check and make sure. Like he was so good.
– Are you kidding?
– He slept through the whole night.
– Mine has been crying all day long.
– He hasn’t been crying like at all. Like, he’s just been perfect. Angel-baby.
– Well, I think mine is kind of smelling a little bit. I think we need to change the diapers.
– I was gonna say, I think it’s about time to probably change their diapers.
– How many times do you change
a baby’s diaper in a day? – I don’t know.
– This is like our first time.
– Uh oh.
– Okay, will you grab the bag of baby supplies.
– Yeah, diaper bag. That’s not a gift bag.
– I changed my baby’s clothes.
– I know, I changed my baby’s clothes. What clothes did you, Nike.
– Let’s get some supplies.
– I don’t know how to, I forgot how to change a baby.
– Wow we’ve got lots of random things in here. Is this your baby’s outfit?
– Yeah. (gasps) (screams)
– Ew, my baby had an explosive diarrhea! What?
– Mine definitely wet it’s diaper, but not as bad as that. (Jordan screams)
– No, Logan’s gonna eat it! No! Audrey! Eww! Get the diaper!
– Eww!
– Eww!
– Eww! Okay.
– Ewww
– That’s gross. Put a new diaper on my baby.
– Yeah, me too.
– Fresh clean one.
– It was yummy! Aww, it’s a little flower diaper.
– Put the diapy on. All right, we’re gonna figure out how to change a baby’s diaper, and then we will come back. I don’t think it’s the smartest decision for us to change them on their soft blankets.
– Did I get poo poo on mine? Yeah, I don’t think so.
– Oh my goodness they won’t stop crying.
– Stop crying, why are they crying?
– Audrey! That’s probably why yours is crying. I think they’re hungry.
– Swaddle them, swaddle them. Swaddle them!
– I’m trying, I’m stressed!
– I haven’t fed mine all day.
– Me too.
– We probably need to go feed our babies. To the kitchen. What do babies eat?
– I don’t know. Hurry!
– Mustard?
– No, Audrey, come on!
– I mean, it looks like a great bottle
– A grape?
– A great bottle.
– No, Audrey, babies cannot, ewww. They can’t eat mustard.
– Whatever!
– I don’t know but hurry.
– Look, do we have any baby food? Chocolate milk. They can have, they like chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate.
– Help us out freak.
– No!
– Let’s go!
– We need the chocolate stuff. The good stuff. Fine, whatever.
– Beats the healthy alternative.
– Okay, I got the mustard. Where are you going? (laughs)
– I’m just so stressed right now.
– I found a bottle, but I’m just gonna give mine a binky because I remember when I was a little baby, I just loved binkies a lot., so I think this will do. It’s working! She loves binkies, just like her mom.
– Mine’s still crying though, so come on.
– Can babies have cow milk? Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. Yeah. We have no other options.
– Good thing it’s not expired.
– Does it work? Yeah it works. My baby cries with it’s eyes closed.
– Isn’t that Susan’s bottle? Where is Susan?
– Where’s my first born? Where’s Susan, the first born?
– #TheTruth about having new babies, you forget about your old ones.
– He stopped crying.
– Aww, yay.
– But what are we gonna
do for a bottle for yours?
– It doesn’t want one, she just wants a binky. Maybe they can share.
– You could use a spray bottle
– They’re twins, they have the same D-N-A.
– We have the spray bottles.
– No, we are not spraying my baby’s face with milk. Okay, ya know what I think we should do? We need to name our babies!
– Yes! Okay, lets go on the comments of our last video and see what everyone suggested for their names. Okay, we just pulled up the video and we are gonna look through the comments, so. Oh, someone said I should name my baby Lily. The only problem with that is that I have a best friend in real life named Lily. So, it would be kind of weird if I named my child Lily and then I had my friend Lily, and then too many Lilys.
– Ooh! For the girl, Roxy and the boy Charles.
– Oliver and Olivia.
– Aww, oh that’s our otters name.
– Oh that’s true, wait a second, that would be kind of weird again.
– Natalie and then the
boy Gregory slash Greg.
– Alex and Alexa.
– Aww.
– Whoa. – Dude, Lucinder. (laughs) Who sent this?
– Lucinder as the girl and Edward as the boy. – I’ve never heard of Lucinder.
– I’ve never heard of Lucinder.
– Finley and Benny.
– I think we’re at the same place, ’cause I keep reading what you say.
– (gasps) Paris and Parker! That’s so cute!
– Aww, cute!
– Okay I think we should name them Paris and Parker. We’ve got, oh, Yeah, Sewing sanctuary said, “I think the girl should be called Paris, “’cause when she first came, she was in a blanket “with the Eiffel Tower on it. “I think the boy should be named Peter, “but a lot of people have been saying Parker.”
– Awww.
– Peter Parker. (laughs) Parker Peter. (laughs) We should do that. Parker Peter Williams. And Paris.
– What about Holly and Aiden?
– Paris Eiffel. (laughs)
– Paris Eiffel.
– Okay, it’s Parker Peter and Paris Eiffel. Those are our baby names.
– Awww, Parker. ♪ When I step up in the building, everbody’s hands go up ♪ ♪ And they stay there, and they stay there.
 – Now presenting Paris Eiffel Williams.
– And Parker Peter Williams. ♪ Unchangeable, na na na ♪ ♪ It’s the circle of life ♪
– All right guys, that is it for us becoming mothers. Oh my goodness, I think it is so hard to get up in the middle of the night, and change diapers and constantly feed them.
– I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mine, my child is super easy, I don’t know what you’re talking about. so, can’t relate.
– Trouble maker.
– Shout out to all the moms out there.
– Happy early Mother’s Day. (laughs)
– Super early.
– Anyways, we hope you guys liked this video. If you did, give it a big thumbs up. And tell us in the comments what we should do with our babies next time, and if you want to see Susan in the next one.
– We, we need to go find Susan.
– Tell us if you want to see Susan and her siblings. And remember, subscribe if you haven’t already. Hit the bell icon, so you’ll find every time I post a new video and I’ll see you guys next time.

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