October 6, 2022

Adley Learns to Ride a BIG KID BIKE!! What we do AFTER Christmas

– This bean bag is really fun. (upbeat music) With all our favorite things that we did in 2019.
– Doing things as a family was so fun. My gosh. Watch where you’re going! Adley, turn!
– Hi everybody.
– Help.
– You’re stuck? Come here burrito. Oh it’s my burrito baby.
Okay, we have three surprises for you guys today. Surprise number one: we’re still in our Christmas jammies! These are way comfy. We’re going to wear them all day again.
– Yeah.
– Surprise number two. We’re going to ride Adley’s big girl bike for the first time today.
– Yay.
– Surprise number three: This bean bag is really fun. Hi bean bag girl. Should we show them your trick?
– Yeah.
– Me and Adley learned how to do a flip in this thing. Check this out.
– Okay, first Adley goes right there. Next, she can do a full flip. Watch this. Is that pretty cool guys?
– Yeah
– Should we do it again? Do you have any other tricks you want to show them?
– Oh yeah, I do. Take the bean bag to couch, I’ll show you.
– Okay, for our next trick we move the bean bag to the couch. This thing’s so heavy. Mom, this was the best Christmas present ever. We’ve already had so much fun with it. Okay, let’s see your tricks.
– One two three. Eyes on me.
– [Father] That was a cool trick.
– Your turn Dad.
– Okay, my turn. That was my trick. That was like a head roll. Cannon ball! What are we going to do, a belly flop or a cannon ball?
– A belly flop.
– Okay, one, two Anyways this bean bag is for sure our favorite thing we’ve been playing with the past couple days and our Christmas jammies. We wear them every vlog now. Oh and our Hippy. Come show them your Hippy.
– It’s Hippies.
– And that’s Hippies, our hippo. To go ride your big girl bike for the first time?
– Yeah.
– Do you even know what to do?
– Yeah, get shoes.
– Oh and shoes.
– Niko’s kind of sick today.
– Oh yeah, Niko is kind of sick today.
– There he is, come here Niko. Hi Niko. You not feeling good? That’s to make him not have a fever. Let’s ride this thing to the outside and see if you can do it. Whoa, turn, turn. Holy cow.
– Whoa, you’re riding that in the house?
– [Father] Oh, what do you know, Jenny’s in her Christmas jammies also.
– They’re so comfy.
– Niko, nap, eat, come outside. I don’t want him to come outside. He has a cold.
– [Jenny] Yeah, he probably needs to take
– It is kind of sunny outside. You get Niko nap. I’ll get shoes and jackets and them we’ll ride. Hey, you kiddos, you’re so happy.
– [Jenny] All right, here’s your helmet.
– Thank you.
– [Jenny] Welcome, safety first, huh?
– Safety first, yeah.
– [Jenny] That will protect your little noggin.
– Knee pads?
– [Jenny] No, I don’t think you’ll fall. Dad, where’s that bike?
– What if I fall on me head?
– [Jenny] Yep, that head is safe. There’s the bike!
– All aboard! – Safety first.
– Choo choo. I think you are ready to roll girl.
– [Jenny] Oh my gosh.
– Look at her go. Oh yeah.
– [Jenny] Oh, are you going to do straight and the hill? Oh she’s turning.
– Oh that’s a solid turn.
– [Jenny] Oh my gosh, Adley.
– Look how good she does.
– [Jenny] Whoa.
– Slow down, you’re just getting started. Careful. Uh no.
– [Jenny] Oh yeah.
– That’s so cool.
– Maybe I can go up those hills now.
– [Jenny] Yeah.
– Turn.
– [Jenny] She’s going up the hill. Pedal hard. Oh yeah, push push push. Yeah, good job. You guys going to make laps?
– [Father] What do you think?
– Fun.
– [Father] Oh perfect, there’s a little place for the vloggy to sit.
– For my dolls and my Barbies but the vloggy can sit there for right now. Now I can go.
– [Father] What?
– Sorry vlog. Whoa.
– You’re going so fast. Oh my gosh. Watch where you’re going! Adley, turn.
– You’re so tough Adley.
– [Father] Hey, how was your first bike crash? Here, you help me lift it up. You get back on.
– Yeah.
– Okay.
– [Father] Do you know how to get it back up?
– Bruising, she was going so fast.
– She was going so fast that she slammed into the curb.
– I didn’t even know how to stop.
– Yeah.
– Yeah, we should probably teach her how to use the brakes the next time.
– Here’s a lesson in brakes. Here we go, get on.
– When I do it, you stop.
– Okay, so when you go forward, you push on this one, right? So if you want to stop, you push backwards. Push backwards. Did you see that? Forwards is this way you go and then if you want to stop, you’re going to oh, push down, stop, okay?
– [Father] You got it figured out?
– Try that.
– [Father] Go to Mom and then stop at the stop sign.
– Brake.
– And if you want to brake faster, you push down harder.
– [Father] Oh, good brake.
– Good job.
– We’re figuring it out. First you teach them how to ride and then crash and then brake. Those are the three steps. Good job.
– Whoa, my first bump.
– [Jenny] Your first bump.
– [Father] Whoa, her first bump.
– Here’s a smaller bump. Weeee
– Oh we should take this over to the lake.
– [Father] Oh, Adley, what do you think? Would this be fun at the lake?
– Yeah.
– [Jenny] The track?
– Yeah.
– Man, I could just film this forever. It’s so much fun.
– Oh she’s making a circle.
– [Father] Oh she knows how to turn. A full circle!
– [Jenny] What?
– [Father] Okay, she’s doing tricks now.
– [Jenny] She’s like a pro now.
– [Father] Wow, Mrs. Tricks.
– Running over a rock.
– [Father] She’s going over a rock. She just went over a rock!
– [Jenny] Oh she’s going fast.
– Oh she’s out of here. I’m going to put this vlog away and we’re just going to cruise. I’ll see you guys after. Hey, good stop. Whoa, squished.
– I love this.
– My candy cane sandwich. Okay, we wanted to finish this best day ever with all our favorite things that we did in 2019.
– We did a lot of fun stuff.
– I like when I went to Disney Land.
– Ah I love Disney Land.
– Disney Land was fun.
– You’re a princess, now? Hold on, I want to tell them something.
– I want to
– Niko running.
– My favorite thing about this year is that it was just the best year ever. It really was. We had so much fun. Niko is getting bigger. Adley’s getting bigger. We traveled. I think just overall for me, the whole year was just my favorite year I’ve ever had.
– Can I tell them my favorite?
– Okay, tell them your favorite.
– My favorite video is The Great Wolf Lodge.
– [Father] Way pretty.
– That was fun.
– Great Wolf Lodge. – See doing things as a family was so fun like Park City.
– My other one – Oh, remember when we went to Park City?
– Do you have a pepperoni pizza?
– [Woman] I don’t. The best way to get a pepperoni pizza would probably be ordering out.
– My everyone’s favorite is the pony.
– Oh the pony in the backyard. Yeah, that was a fun one.
– That was really cool.
– Oh she has a horn, it’s a unicorn.
– Because Adley kept having these dreams of a pony in the back yard and we made her dreams come true.
– Her dreams came true.
– Stop it, stop it, Mommy.
– Okay, stop.
– Oh okay.
– For me the year started, I think, the very beginning of this year I went to Dubai for my very first mobile video game tournament. I learned a ton about mobile gaming and how much we wanted to, like, do that with Space Station Gaming. When I got home from Dubai, I think we realized that we wanted the channel this year to be about our family and what Adley’s doing and go on family vacations and all this fun stuff.
My whole life I’m at the Space Station, having fun and hanging out with the crew so I wanted the channel to be more about the family now so we turned it into a family channel and these kids have memories like Niko’s recap video we did. His first time walking. His first time eating. His first time everything. It was so cute.
– It was fun. We’ve gotten more views this year than we’ve ever gotten all put together probably so that’s exciting.
– This video is my favorite.
– Shawn hit two million after he hit a million.
– You were the million on YouTube. Remember?
– Yeah
– With all the balloons.
– My favorite other video when I spilled my chocolate milk. I want to go back to Great Wolf Lodge.
– I think we need to go back to California.
– Let’s go, let’s go.
– Hey, where are you going?
– I’m going to Great Wolf Lodge.
– Oh you’re going to transport? Okay.
– One, two, three, four.
– Oh Adley just went to Great Wolf Lodge.
– See ya.
– Bye Adley.
– What are your favorite Niko moments this year? Oh also, you guys, we want to hear from you. What were your favorite moments, best moments ever of 2019? Seriously, I want to just read through the comments, all these memories. We’ll comment back.
– It’s such a good year.
– Honestly, honestly, honestly, my favorite year I’ve ever had in my whole life, I think. This is my first year that I’ve had two kids that are super fun at this age. We did so much traveling. Base Station grew so much.
– Niko turned one and he walked and he crawled and he talked.
– Dada, dada.
– No – Yes, Dada
– Adley’s like a big girl now.
– She’s in singing and tumbling and performances.
– Getting on stage, when she hopped on stage and just started throwing stuff out. Oh man, she’s such a big girl.
– How was Great Wolf Lodge?
– How was Great Wolf Lodge? Did you have fun?
– Yeah.
– What did you do?
– I was swimming and bowling.
– Swimming and bowling, okay, that’s fun.
– Most crazy place that everyone went this year.
– My was just barely Spain for the World Championship. I loved it.
– That was cool.
– What was your favorite?
– We went to Hawaii. – Hawaii.
– I forgot.
– That was so fun. We saw turtles.
– Oh and we met your friend. Who is your Hawaii friend?
– Dorothy.
– Dorothy from the Bucket List Family. Hey, where’s my ring? I’m married to Mama, give me that.
– Oh man, I loved Hawaii.
– Those were are our favorite places. Where should we go this year? Adley, where do you want to go in 2020?
– I want to go to Hawaii, bye.
– I’ll go back to Hawaii.
– No, we got to go somewhere new. Where should we go this year? Where should we take the family this year? Let’s go on some travels. The kids have their passports. The whole family has passports.
– And guess what?
– What?
– I got my passport back.
– Jenny got her new passport so now she can go to Spain next time.
– Yeah.
– You and the kids saw my Tesla for the first time.
– You got a Tesla this year, babe, a purple one.
– Oh my gosh.
– Look at this. Jenny turns 30.
– Hey
– [Father] Happy Birthday!
– Everyone’s reactions when I drove the Tesla. That was so funny.
– That was funny.
– The whole Space Station crew.
– Honestly, I mean, yes, it’s like the kids and the family, all this stuff, but it’s been so cool to see the Space Station grow. That started in our basement.
– Yeah.
– It was just this desire to like do something cool with my hobby. Went from SnapChat to YouTube.
– Basement to 1.5 to Dark Ages to 2.0 to now 3.0.
– Random flash to all the stages of the Space Station. Exactly, isn’t that cool. And then like 60 plus gamers that we support. That’s over 100 people that we support because we built the Space Station. Good job.
– Remember a long time ago, when we bought our lake lot.
– Nine years ago.
– We finished that.
– We did. Yes. We got our lake lot. When we had 500,000 subs. You guys probably don’t even know this. We were like if we ever hit a million subs, we are going to buy a lot and build our very first house because we’d always just rented houses or been in apartments and so when we hit 500,000 subs we were like, we’re halfway there. Our dream would be to live on this lake and so we bought the lot and then we’re like when we hit a million, we’ll build a house.
And when we hit a million, we decided to build the Space Station instead of a house. We built a better Space Station. And then we moved here and we love it. And then with the money we saved by not doing that, we built the most amazing backyard ever. Hi there fire. Such good memories.
– That was so fun, a good year.
– It was. Is Adley still in Hawaii? She’s back from Hawaii! Adley, what was your absolutely, absolutely very favorite thing that we did?
– Adley shirts.
– Adley shirts?
– We got Adley merch.
– Those aren’t out yet. That’s actually next year. A for Adley.
– Oh she fell asleep.
– A for Adley shirts when she hit a million. Those were this year, that was super fun, but her new Adley shirts with the unicorn. She’s like princess, if you kiss her, she wakes up.
– No.
– I’ll try the other eye.
– Maybe I have to kiss her belly.
– It’s her belly. Oh, I know, it’s Cinderella. Kiss her feet.
– Oh, kiss her feet? Ew It worked! The foot kiss. Our four year old has her own YouTube channel with a million subs. You’re crazy kiddo. What is your favorite part about making videos?
– The video meme.
– In case you guys haven’t noticed the past couple videos, Adley gets the vlog in the morning, brings it up and says, “Dad, film, the elf is here”. So like every video starts at like six AM now and then at like five PM when I get home from work and I’m like let’s have fun and film, she’s like nah, I’m going to play with friends or do this. She just likes to film at six AM. Gotcha. Anyways, this has been a fun catch up. We love to have fun and do crazy stuff with you guys but also like
– Can you push me?
– It’s crazy, you guys get to see our kids grow up.
– We consider you guys our friends, our family.
– Again, again, again.
– We really do. We’ve literally been filming since Adley was born, since Niko was born. All the fun stuff our family’s done, you guys watched us grow, buy our first house, build the Space Station, all this stuff. I feel like you’re part of what we’re doing.
– Again, again, again.
– Even if you’re new. If you weren’t here for the very beginning Space Stations when the kids were born, that’s fine. Yeah, I think we’re going to keep filming and having fun in 2020. Adley, how many videos should we film this year?
– None.
– We’re done filming videos.
– We’re done, no more videos.
– This is goodbye.
– This is the last video, bye. Thanks for watching.
– Just kidding.
– What?
– Are we going to film more?
– Lots.
– Lots. I have a weird question now.
– I have a weird answer.
– Should Niko help you in your videos now? Should it be like a kids channel for both of you?
– Yeah
– Yeah?
– Everyone always asks me that. Are you going to make Niko his own channel?
– Should we make Niko his own channel or does he just help with Adley’s? Should Niko have his own YouTube channel or can he just do your with you?
– With me.
– Yeah.
– I like that idea. We don’t need more channels.
– We don’t need more channels.
– Two channels. A family channel for fun and an A for Adley channel pushing
– If we’re going to do any other channel, it’ll probably be bringing back Space Station stuff.
– Oh boy. It’s crazy, the challenges.
– I’m going to Disney Land.
– Disney Land? I want to go to Disney Land too.
– They just went to Disney Land. Just me and you guys. Guys, thank you. Whoever has been here the whole time since Best Day Ever
One, Best Day Ever 500, Best Day Ever 1000, what ever Best Day Ever we’re on now. We’re going to keep having them. Thanks for being part of our family. We really do love your guts. Leave those comments. I want to read all your favorite memories. I will see you guys again in 2020. Until then. Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year.
– Do you want to end the vlog?
– Yeah. Thanks for watching.

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