October 6, 2022

Children | Road Safety

Safety of children on the road Teaching your child how to cross the road is the most important lesson learned in his life. Hundreds of thousands of children get injured or die because of cars while walking or crossing the road. Drivers walk very quickly and do not see children. Sometimes there is no place for pedestrians to cross That is why it is so important to be extremely careful.
The child needs more than a year to understand how traffic works. Being happy with him and providing a good example may save his life. Before the age of 9, the child finds it difficult to estimate the speed of their cars or their distance, so it is very important to monitor and learn how to handle when he is beside the road.
Always hold his hand when walking on both sides of the road, walk in the direction facing the cars, keep the child close to you on the sidewalk side If your hand is busy, ask him to hold the bag carrier or your clothes
When you cross the road, remember the following four steps Find a place to cross Stand at the edge of the road Watch and listen I cross quickly Now let’s talk about each step Find a place to cross the road How do you find a suitable place to cross?
I always use a pedestrian walkway When you find one in the absence of a pedestrian passageway crossing a place you can see the road clearly and see drivers in it Having a parked car, tree, pillar, or winding road may obscure you from seeing or prevent others from seeing you
When I don’t see a good road, I am looking for a better place to cross. I only cross when I find a place where I can clearly see cars from both sides and they can see me. Stop at the edge of the road Always stop at the edge of the road before crossing, here you can see the coming cars
If you are beside a parked car, you must make sure that it will not move and then monitor traffic Before I cross, I stand at the edge of the road Watch and listen Before passing, teach your child to look to the north, then to the right, then to the north again, to make sure there are no cars
We look first to the north because this is the direction of cars and then to the right to see cars coming from the opposite direction and then to the north to make sure that there is no speeding car
Listen and teach your child to recognize the sound of an approaching car engine, before passing, look to the north, then to the right, then to the north again, and listen I cross quickly Cross the road opposite you, it is the shortest.
Walk quickly, but do not run. You cross, listen well and watch the road. Make sure to be visible from cars I cross quickly but do not run, and I watch well on the right and left Roads are more dangerous when it is dark or raining in these cases. Try to avoid crossing the street because you are not visible to cars.
If you have to go through, be more careful and do not hesitate to wear light or even reflective clothing Now you know the four traffic steps Find a place to cross Stand at the edge of the road Watch and listen I cross quickly

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