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October 6, 2022

Children’s Mental Health Disorders – A Journey for Parents and Children

(Josh’s Mother) – I saw symptoms of something, especially with his learning. I noticed he was having problems with colors. For me, he wasn’t articulate enough for his age. Whenever we would have guest over or friends, you know he would meet them at the door and jump on them.
Josh – It feels like a habit you’re trying to get rid of and sometimes you just can’t control it because you’re so excited. You can’t stop you just want to keep going and going. And the teacher told me that they are thinking that they are going to have to do a psychological evaluation on Josh.
The psychologist was there. They are suggesting that it is ADHD. I think this is what the school wants it to be because of the negative things that i’ve heard about African Americans being labeled. I just wanted to stay away from medication. Why would I put a perfectly normal boy on medication?
Autumn (Moriah and Mia’s Mother) – When I was younger everyone always asked about blinking my eyes. They were always like, “Why do you blink your eyes so much?” And I didn’t think anything about it. But, then my daughter Moriah was diagnosed in May of 2011 Moriah
– It’s a neurobiological disorder which means it’s in the brain. It’s caused by a chemical imbalance. My friends had always… They were always like, “Why are you blinking?” I thought that I was just being me, because that’s just kind of how I am doing random things at random times without any reason (laughs).
Mia was diagnosed in August and she had a totally different reaction. Mia – I’ve always been like the “cool” “athletic” “always popping jokes everywhere” and I didn’t want that to change. I didn’t be the one, “oh, that’s that girl… she has Tourette, she’s weird.”
Tourette is not at all like the movies portray it, you hear a lot of cussing. No, that’s not us at all. People shouldn’t be embarrassed like i was a first. People should come out and say it. If they even think they have it they just need to go to the doctor.
Because that’s how we help educate and inform people about it. I have my answer. I know what’s wrong with me now. I can finally tell people At first I was really worried about a diagnosis and I thought this is going to keep my child from her dreams, her goals. It hasn’t kept her from them it has inspired her.
More goals and more dreams for both of my children now. We’re at a good school. His case manager is phenomenal. The medication is working. Without (the medication) the homework was difficult to get through. With it, now it’s easier and faster. We develop a lot of things by learning. You know, give him chores to do, little responsibilities…
I’m on my high school dance team and then I also take ballet at a studio near where I live. When I dance I don’t tick. (♪ Music ♪) I have high expectations and high goals. I don’t want to have to settle for less than I know I can do.
I’m taking all honors classes next year and then for college I’d like to go somewhere that has a really good medical field. Go with your gut feeling and stand behind your chid and be proud of them because Tourette doesn’t keep you from doing anything you want to do.
For Josh now not to do homework is like “Are you kidding me? I cannot go into school tomorrow morning and not have this homework done.” It’s like a whole new world opened to me that there are resources out there you can help your child. The earlier the better for anyone the earlier the better. ♪ Music ♪

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