October 6, 2022


Hi sisters! James Charles here, and I know you guys are here for the video with my mother, it’ll be coming in a few short seconds. Today’s video was suppost to be the face chart re-creation video and if you didn’t see my Snapchat basically what had happened was I ended up picking a winner for the face chart and getting half way through the makeup look and then finding out that and then finding out that the winning entry was not from the United States or Canada So my lawyer called me and was yelling at me and legally, I had to pick a new winner.
So I just needed a little more time to work on filming the part two of the video. The winner has been selected so all the rules have been followed. Please don’t sue me but the actual recreation video will be going up on Tuesday. Today’s video is with my mother. so I hope you guys are excited for that.
It’s going to be really really sweet Also as well, I just wanted to remind you that Sister’s Apparel is relaunching today! If you guys are watching this now, it will be up in one hour and if you’re watching this later, go to sisters-apparel.com to shop all of your sister’s gear i am so excited to finally be relaunching with a partner that i am really really passionate about and that i truly believe has my best interests at heart and finally you guys will have affordable and amazing quality merch that will actually get to you fast and on time.
literally so beyond pumped. todays launch was a soft launch so it is kinda a lot of the classic items You guys have already seen. With a few new pieces that are super super cute but there are huge huge huge things coming very very soon for sisters apparel so, I hope you guys are excited. I love you so so so much!
I’m currently in Vegas with some of my best friends taking A much needed mental break But I love you, I will see you on Tuesday and I hope you enjoy this video with my mother love you guys! Mwah 😉 (Both) HI SISTERS James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel as you can see I am currently joined with a very very special guest Chris- Laughs (M) Christie Bee (J) My mom!! Jesus christ so my family is currently in town right now.
so my family is currently in town for a very very special project which makes me so sad I can not tell you guys about but you’ll know in a few months i promise you… and it is pretty good and fresh, right mother (M) it was very good and fresh but I was yelling on set all day yesterday so my voice is a little bit sister…. sss- Sore… A little bit sister scratchy, ummm a little bit sister…. (M) Strained…
oh good one, I was gonna say gone but, you got me there I just wanted to do a chill little sit down video today And a few weeks ago I did a video here on my channel where I followed the first ever make up tutorial ever uploaded to youtube and if you have not yet checked it out make sure to click (mouth pop) right up here it was so much fun to kind of take a little trip down memory lane and test out all the old and ancient makeup techniques and I figure, (careful!)
what better way to try some more old ancient makeup techniques and do a video with my mother (Nice, nice) You’re welcome. So, my mom brought me her entire makeup bag here. This is literally everything that she has. I’m seeing lots of fun things in here, we have like mmm 3 brushes, we have this, I am so scared for Thats my… (Did you even use this today?)
I tried yeah, I still can’t get it, I think… I think one side is bent or something because my eyebrow is… one of my eyebrows is higher than the other But this is my newest addition to my collection. And I do, I use it every day. (We can tell.) She’s gonna be walking me through here makeup routine that she does every sinlge day to look this beautiful.
(Thank you) You’re welcome. This video by the way is inspired by sister Nikki tutorials, love her the absolute most, but without further a do, lets get started. Yeah I mean should we dump it out. Yes, carefully though. Be careful! I don’t want you to break it honey. I don’t even know what I have in there.
Ew lots of hairs Gross! I didn’t know we were going to be filming today, I would have tidied up. Oh you’re right. Wait, I’m seeing a lot of things here. I mean we have some Covergirl powders, some Smashbox eye shadow sets, we have a Benefit brow pencil Ok kind of trendy. Some dandelion blush.
That came… that came free with my pencil from Benefit Lovely A dirty beauty blender that you probably never cleaned An eyelash curler, this wonderful invention right here that I’m so excited to use, and some really good quality brushes heres another one Oh thank God. These are brand new to the collection.
Remember last time I just used this and you picked on me so I Yeah this is going in the garbage. No no no. Ok. I got those too Look, look. Ew these are going in the garbage too *laughter* Ok what do you start off with? So I use the foundation first. Great! And you use a beauty blender to blend it in?
Yes. So how many squirts would you usually do? I don’t… I don’t know. I don’t count, I… I just put a little bit on and… Like how, you put… ok you put it on the back of my hand.( try that) Oh thats gonna be too light for me. Mom you’re gonna turn me into flashback Mary Its ok. So how long have you been wearing makeup for?
Um I started wearing makeup probably at the age offff 14. So 51 minus 14 is..? Quite a while. 37 Years. Wow! From doing makeup since you were just a young little sister to now, how would you say your makeup routine has changed? Well it really hasn’t changed that much until just recently, until you became a makeup artist.
Then we started getting PR packages in the mail On a daily basis and I would snag, Steal, No no. Borrowed some new products. Right! I just again started using brushes after you left a bunch at home when you moved. Besides that I always use my applicators that you just threw in the garbage Which I’m a little sister sad about.
They needed to go its ok. Oh and eyebrows, I never put on eyebrows before until recently. Thats new for me too. And thats my biggest struggle, my eyebrows because I can not, even with my stencil, I still can’t get them even. Ok So after the foundation I would use this. This is brand new too, I never used…this is called what? Concealer. Concealer.
I usually just put it on under my eyes. And thats it? Yes Thats usually more than I put on but yes. Perfect. And then I would take the beauty blender and I would blend it out. In middle school when I started wearing makeup, I remember I used a lot of black liquid eyeliner
Oh god And I put it on and I used… until recently again, until you told me otherwise. I’d put on the black eyeliner under my eye Whats next? Um. Next I would….this eye shadow. Every day I use it What about the powders? No not yet, I let the liquids soak in. I use this eyeshadow.
Ok. This is NYX I think. And this brush.This is… This is for the darker color. Ok and what do you do with it? I just put it on my eyelid. Just all over? Yes. Just one color? Yup This in the shade…….Sherra. Just in case you wanna get glam with my mom every day.
Ok thats a lot, thats enough. Ok and now do the other one. I’m working on it, thank you. Excuse me. Beautiful. Yup thats it right there. Ok the next step. I take my second brush, and I use just this color here. Ok, what brush is this? I can’t see it, Morphe. M213. M213 Use code “James” for 10% off. Thats right!
And I just put it in that, the lightest color and I just put it um under my brow Actually from… from the lid all the way up to the brow, I put some color on. Oh so all up here? Yeah. Like that? Mhmm. Beautiful. Next step I take this black liquid liner, and instead of putting it underneath like I used to years ago I just put it on top. Ok.
How long does your makeup routine take you in the morning? 5 minutes. Well I do my first step, and then I’ll tell you what I take, then I go down the stairs and I have my coffee and my granola bar and then I go back up and I do the second steps.
What? Your first steps were like the foundation? Like everything you’ve done so far, and then I go downstairs and have my coffee and my granola bar And then I come back up and I put my pressed powder and my blush on Cause you like to let the foundation, sink in.
Yes. Why? Somebody told me that. It was not me, was not me. See it’s taking way too long, I would been done minutes ago. Well maybe if you had an eyeliner that wasn’t from probably 2003, this would be working. Ok so next, you would curl your lashes.
Ok. And then you would apply mascara This is the Smashbox Super Fan fanded out mascara One coat on top and then a little bit on the bottom. And you already have beautiful long eyelashes James. A little bit, yup, a little bit on the bottom. See but you are taking way too long. I would been *snap snap*. I’m much quicker.
Come on I want to get to the next exciting step. Ok what is the next exciting step.OK! The next step is…Oh my god. I know. They aren’t even aligned what are you doing? I just use it just to, just to get it started. What?! Do you want to talk a little bit about your eyebrows in general? James, I don’t have a lot of hair to begin with.
We are going to get my eyebrows fixed maybe. Oh yeah! Do you guys want to see a video where we get my moms eyebrows microbladed and talk about her brow journey Let me know in the comments down below, because I’d love to….. Fix that.
See isn’t that a god-send. I was losing faith in my eyebrow ability and thank God the Lord came and saved me with this today. Let me see. Is that what I look like when I leave the house? You, yeah. *laughter* Well my eyebrows look absolutely amazing so thank you so much. They do, you’re welcome. Are you being serious? No they. These look horrible.
They do look horrible I agree. Alright the next step is powder. Finally! Yes. Great! So either this one or this one, Oh so we get to pick and choose Lets use miss Ready, Set, Gorgeous because you seem to love her a lot. Here you go….. do you actually use this? Yes honey. Why is it like crusted in here?
You know you can use your beauty blender to apply powder? No, I didn’t know that. Lets do that instead. So now you are done with the pressed powder step? Yeah. Let me see. Yeah so see now everything looks nice and fresh I think. It all kind of looks one color. Beautiful yeah.
And then, the next step would be blush. Ok. My 3rd brush that I own and then heres the blush that I use Oh a Jouier blush. Ok How much blush do you get on there? Thats enough. And then just…. Oh my god this is so rough. Is it? Beautiful. And the on special occasions I’ll use this little highlighter The Benefit Dandelion? Yup.
And I use this…it came with it. Mhhmmm This is why I don’t use Benefit products anymore. Its literally nothing. The last… The very last step would be, not during the week, I don’t wear lipstick during the week But on weekends, I would… I put on lipstick. And these are you choices Let’s try this one.
Ok what is this? Oh Anastasia. Anastasia Beverly Hills gloss in the shade Kristen. See thats very pretty, you look beautiful James, look at that. Except for those eyebrows, they need some work. Yeah And… ta-da Are we done? Well sometimes I’ll use a setting spray.
So sometimes if I remember I’ll use a setting spray just to lock it all in. For a good one, no for a real one. I need to go. And thats it. How do you feel? What’s the best product that you used? The Anastasia glosses are bomb, I use them all the time too. Oh ok. This foundation is not good. Oh see now that I buy, foundation and I will buy my Covergirl powder, oh and the Benefit brow I need to buy all the time too These are good too.
Ok so your favorite part was your lipstick and the worst was my stencil, but you like the Benefit product. Yeah Alright so what product did you like the least? All of them Ok well like looking in the mirror, this look is like kind of pretty, minus the eyebrows.
You look beautiful, minus the eyebrows. I can see how there is some pencil marks in places that they shouldn’t be Thats what happens when you use a 60cent plastic It was a lot more than 60 cents, but yes James I have been getting a lot of compliments on my eyebrows when I have been posting my Instagram They have been way better, they are way better than they use to be And this is the reason why, I’m telling you James, yes Its not perfect, but it the reason why. Mom. I… Yes.
I would not leave home without this, and this. Alright sisters and on that note, that is it for todays Youtube video This was quite the wild ride, but thank you mom for walking me through your beauty routine regardless of how crappy these products are, you still look beautiful on a daily basis.
So thats all that matters, I guess. Thank you, I think Every time I do these videos, people love to comment “OMG James you are so ignorant and so rude..” “Not everybody use to put on as much makeup as you do” And I’m like, no I do know that.
But I do makeup now for a living, and I didn’t grow up wearing makeup So thats why having to do that style of makeup, using your fingers and using old products, is always a shock factor to me because its not something that I’m used to.
Our styles are very different and the amount of makeup we use is very different but I am excited to learn the new techniques that you have taught me over the last couple of years when you became a MUA. Yeah, speaking of, next time you need products Please text me, because I will gladly send you a large, good and fresh care package and I’m sure all of the beauty brands watching this video would also love to send you a good care package so you don’t have to use 3 year old expired makeup.
Alright sisters, that I all I have for todays video thank you so much to my beautiful mother sister Christie for joining me I love you the absolute most and thank you for coming to California to not only film this video, but to a part of something very very special which we cannot tell you guys about Oh that wasn’t very nice, that was a tease.
Thats exactly what it was If you guys enjoyed this video today, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below in honor of my beautiful and amazing mother. Mom, how many do you think the sisters can get? Last video I wanted 200k and we got there pretty quickly, The sisters come through, they do always.
So this video I’m going to ask for 400k thumbs up. Alright sisters, you heard the woman 400k thumbs up really sister shooting for the stars there, but I think you guys can do it. Also definitely leave us the comment down below and tell me if you want to see a video where we get my moms eyebrows microbladed because I’m definitely down, Are you down? I’m down. Love that.
Also if you have not already don’t forget to click the big red subscribe button down below and come join the sisterhood along with me and my mom and 7 million other wonderful sisters out there I love you guys all so much and I’d love to have you join the family. Also click the bell icon to be notified every time I upload a brand new video.
If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter they are both just Jamescharles, and my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is jamescharless with an extra “s” after charles And if you’d like to follow my mom on social media, you can find her on Instagram Christiebee19 she comments back to people literally all day long, so go and talk to her, she’s there.
This videos sister shoutout goes to sister Bailey, thank you so much love for always following and supporting. You know I love you the very very so so so much, and if you’d like to be the next videos sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter. Alright sisters thank you so much for watching, I love you and I will see you in the next one. Byyee!!

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