November 29, 2022

Heart attack: Clocks changing today can increase your risk – top tips for daylight saving

Heart Attack: Clocks Changing Today Can Increase Your Risk – Top Tips For Daylight Saving

These are substantial figures, made even more significant by the fact risks went up: “regardless of age, race, sex, and other cardiovascular risk factors, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and hyperlipidaemia.”

Furthermore, the study also said the increased risk of cardiovascular disease was: “evident in people without any cardiovascular disease before exposure to COVID-19, providing evidence these risks might manifest even in people at low risk of cardiovascular disease.”

However, while the risks rise, the researchers are unclear as to the cause behind it.

As a result, there are concerns that health services around the world could be facing a wave of post-Covid cardiovascular disease patients at a time when health systems such as the NHS are trying to make its way through a backlog of patients.

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