November 29, 2022


Albert Einstein once said: Each one is a genius. But if you judge a fish based on its ability to climb a tree then he will live his whole life believing that he is incompetent Ladies and gentlemen of the jury today at trial. We have a modern school I’m glad you came here today.
Not only does it make a fish climb a tree, but it also makes it go down and run 10 miles. Tell me, School. Are you happy with the things you have done? Turning millions of people into robots. Do you enjoy it? Do you have any idea how many kids feel like this fish swimming in the upper stream in the classroom without finding their skills? Thinking that they are incompetent.
Believing they are useless. Well the time has come, no more excuses I accuse the school of killing creativity, individuality and being intellectually abusive. It is an old institution that has exceeded its use So dear court this was my statement, and if you allow me to present you with the testimony of my case, I want to testify -Continue.-Exhibition
A: Here we have a modern cell phone, we know it Here we have a phone from 150 years ago. Big change or not? Stay with me Here we have a car today and here we have a car from 150 years ago. Big change or not? But pay attention to this: Here’s where we have a class today and here’s where a class is 150 years ago Isn’t that a shame?
And indeed a century has passed without any change. You claim to be preparing students for the future ?! But evidence like these I have to ask you, does he prepare students for the future or for the past? I did some research on you and found that you were made to train people to work in factories.
This explains why you put students in straight and regular lines. Tell them to sit down and raise their hand if they want to talk. Give it away a short break to eat and 8 hours tell them how to think. Oh! And make them compete to get an A (10)! A note that sets the quality of the product meat at the “A” level. I understand that things were different then.
We all have a past I personally am not a Ghandi, but today we don’t need to create zombie robots. The world has progressed and now we need people who think creatively, innovative, critically independently, with the ability to connect I know, every scientist will tell you that there are no two brains alike, and every parent with two or three more children will confirm this. So please explain to me why you treat students like one-size-fits-all hats that should definitely suit you.
Filth! [Judge: Beware of language] Forgive me, dear court but if a doctor prescribes the same medicine for all his patients the results will be tragic. Many people will get sick, but when it comes to school, this is exactly what happens. this educational abuse where a teacher stands in front of 20 children.
Each one with different strength, different needs, different gifts, different dreams and you teach everyone the same things, in the same way. This is horrible. Ladies and gentlemen, the defendant should not be released. This can be one of the worst criminal offenses ever Let’s mention how to treat your employees Objection!
[Judge: I refuse. I want to hear that.] It’s a shame Teachers have one of the most important jobs on the planet and are still paid very little No wonder so many students get so little in return. Let’s be honest teachers have to be paid as much as doctors pay because a doctor can operate on a heart and save a life or a child But a good teacher can touch a child’s heart and allow him to live Teachers are heroes who often take the blame, but they are not the problem.
They work on a system without having many options The curriculum was created by creators who have never taught children in their lives. They are obsessed with standardized tests. They think that working with multiple choice questions will determine success. It’s weird.
In fact these types of tests are so crude that they have to be abandoned But don’t listen to me. Listen to Frederick J Kelley. The man who created standardized tests, he said, and I’m giving the quota: “These tests are too crude to use and should be abandoned.”
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury if we continue down this path, the results will be deadly I don’t have much faith in school, but I do trust people And if we can personalize our healthcare, cars and Facebook pages, then it’s our job to do the same for education. Improve and change it.
To destroy the school spirit because it is worthless if we do not work for the soul of every student. That should be our job There is no more common ground. Instead let us reach the core of every heart in every class.
Of course, math is important, but not more important than art or dance Let’s give each skill an equal chance I know this sounds like a dream but states like Finland are doing impressive things. They have shorter days, teachers are well paid, homework they do not exist and they focus on cooperation instead of competition, but the most impressive part boys and girls is that their education system defeat any other state in the world.
Other countries like Singapore with continued success, schools like Montessori programs, like the Khan academy, have no solution. But let’s continue because while students are 20% of our population, they are 100% our future so let’s dedicate ourselves to their dreams. We have no idea what we can achieve This is a world where I believe a fish doesn’t have to be bound to climb a tree Thats all. Hello everyone, I am Prince Ea and I want to thank you very much for watching my video.
But now I want to know what you think. How can we create together a way to learn better and a more effective and useful future I want you to visit and share your thoughts and ideas on this topic.

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