October 6, 2022

Is it okay to have sex while pregnant?

I'' m Bonny Hinz and I'' m a certified nurse midwife at Kaiser Permanente. It is perfectly great to continue having sex throughout your pregnancy. Sex throughout pregnancy will not damage your infant and it will not cause miscarriages and it will enable you and your partner to feel more detailed. There are some exceptions obviously. We suggest that you avoid making love if you have a placenta previa, if you have signs of preterm labor, if your bag of water has broken, or if you have a partner who has an STD. Your hormone levels are going to alter from trimester the trimester which'' s probably going to impact your sex drive. Just listen to your body and do what feels comfy. If you have any concerns or concerns about ladies'' s health problems or pregnancy, do not hesitate to check out KP. org.