November 29, 2022

JENNI MURRAY: One year on from Sarah’s murder and NONE of us feels any safer

The questions flowed thick and quick. How did the Metropolitan Police not know Couzens was a threat to women? Why had he been dubbed the rapist by his equally misogynist colleagues who appeared to discover his reputation for exposing himself highly amusing?

Jenni Murray stated it appears like just the other day we were grieving for Sarah (pictured), and shivering with worry that she had been deceived into getting into a car with Wayne Couzens

Everyone understood that what happened to Sarah– and to Sabina Nessa, who was killed in South-East London 6 months after Sarah– might so quickly have actually happened to us. We had actually all taken detours to prevent dangerous areas, we d all carried keys as a potential weapon, we d all used flat shoes in case we needed to run.

It looks like just the other day we were grieving for Sarah, holding vigils in her memory and shivering with worry and fury at the revelation that she had been duped into getting into a vehicle with Wayne Couzens, believing she was being accused of the criminal offense of breaching lockdown rules by strolling home alone near Londons Clapham Common.

But in the months after Sarahs killing, the only recommendations the police had to offer to a woman who felt worry of lurking danger, whether from a law enforcement officer or any man, was to flag down a bus!

We also knew that being out alone during the night was our right, and that harassment or abuse was not our fault. It needs to not depend on us to keep ourselves safe by living minimal, fearful lives.

Today, amazingly, is the anniversary of the abduction, rape and murder by a serving policeman of Sarah Everard.

Where was the acknowledgement that it was not our responsibility to be safe? Where were the pledges that only reliable policeman would be utilized?

One year on, do any of us feel any much safer on the streets or any more trusting of the police indicated to safeguard us?

In the weeks after Sarahs death, Boris Johnson promised the Government would do everything it could to ensure the streets were safe, supplying much better lighting and greater usage of CCTV in parks and other areas.

Inappropriate images were taken of the bodies of the sisters Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry in a Wembley park by two Met policeman in June 2020. Last month, it emerged revolting messages joking about rape and domestic violence were exchanged by officers at Charing Cross police headquarters.

Proof of more dreadful authorities behaviour was quickly exposed, and the revelations keep coming.

However CCTV was no help to Sarah. Pieced-together video of Sarahs last journey and encounter with Couzens is offered online for all to see, and there was no absence of street lighting as she strolled on the pavement.

Why has there not been a cops force-wide re-vetting procedure to root out the wrong uns? Why has every officers cellphone and computer system not been inspected, as has occurred to a lot of innocent women grumbling of rape or sexual attack? Tweets and texts might well expose who is healthy to be a cops officer and who is not.

No, we do not!

Jenni (imagined) claims we will all feel safer if we understand problems of abuse will be believed and quickly examined

Dame Vera Baird, Victims Commissioner for England and Wales, has actually long kept that rape convictions are so low, the offense has been virtually decriminalised. An evaluation published after a joint examination by the authorities and courts guard dogs discovered an average 706‑day wait on cases to get to court, perpetrators strolling free due to the fact that cases were badly dealt with and a collapse of public rely on the ability of cops and district attorneys.

Its approximated there are 128,000 victims of rape and tried rape each year. In the 12 months to September 2021, 63,136 rape offenses were taped by the cops. Of those, only 1.3 percent led to a suspect being charged, resulting in prosecution.

Every lady I know has either suffered some kind of sexual violence herself, or understands a friend or coworker who has. It took place to me many years ago when I was raped while still a trainee.

The report also in-depth brutal cross-examinations of rape plaintiffs and a failure to protect them from intimidation by suspects and their families. No surprise 40 percent of victims drop out of such a frightening, lengthy process.

Its incredible that it has taken a year for the Government to acknowledge that ladies enjoying their self-reliance is not the issue. That the danger lies with predatory, hazardous males.

Fact: Women do not state no when they indicate yes.

The watchdogs have actually proposed developing specialist rape courts within the next three months to help clear a backlog of thousands of cases. This is extremely welcome news because we require a brand-new way to prosecute rape and needs to eradicate the misconceptions surrounding it.

Reality: False allegations are extremely rare (just around 3 per cent).

We understand not all boys and men are bad, and a campaign of this nature may well convince some lads to break away from small talk culture and tell a less informed mate hes wrong to publish naked images of his girlfriend as revenge pornography. However its not nearly Enough.

We will all feel much safer if we understand complaints of abuse will be thought and speedily examined, and those unsafe misconceptions put aside. Too numerous men believe they can get away with rape and do it once again. We can not wait yet another year for something to lastly be done.

Theres only one way to make ladies feel much safer on the streets– whichs to target the bad men and bang them up.

It will consist of adverts on television, radio, social networks and billboards, encouraging males to call out their pals who send out naked photos, harass females in the street, submit their partners to coercive control or participate in unwanted touching.

Fact: Very couple of rapes are devoted by a stranger; 86 per cent of women understand their attacker.

A project, called Enough, was launched this week by the Home Secretary Priti Patel, who confessed that for too long, the duty of keeping safe has been placed on the shoulders of women and girls.

Why dress high-powered females in girlie pink?

Jenni Murray questions ITVs choice to show their daytime speakers (visualized) in numerous shades of pink as they celebrate International Womens Day

Jenni Murray thinks its incorrect that ladies will lost their right to early and simpler abortions at the end of August (file image).

How heartbreaking to see all those bad ladies, clamouring to leave Ukraine, bring their pets, children and felines to safety. Everybody will comprehend their desperation to safeguard their children, however their family pets?

Last week, it was validated that ladies would lose this right to early and simpler abortions at the end of August.

I strongly think this is incorrect. A woman has the right to manage her own body. If it was safe under lockdown, why not now?

Jenni questions the point of making the new Batman movie almost three hours long, when the target audience has a short attention span.

The brand-new Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson, is practically 3 hours long. Whats the point when the attention period of the target audience is barely longer than the opening credits?.

Early medical abortion typically includes taking 2 medications, mifepristone and misoprostol, over a couple of days. During the pandemic, the tablets were sent house and ladies who were up to ten weeks pregnant had the ability to take obligation for their own care, while still having the choice to check out a center to talk with someone in individual.

How heartbreaking to see all those poor women, clamouring to escape Ukraine, carrying their children, canines and felines to safety.

Jenni said its heartbreaking to see all those poor ladies carrying their children and pets to get away Ukraine.

How did the Metropolitan Police not understand Couzens was a threat to ladies? Why has every officers mobile phone and computer not been checked, as has taken place to so many innocent females complaining of rape or sexual attack? Grand to see the bevy of clever, smart females utilized as ITV Daytime speakers brought together in event of next Tuesdays International Womens Day. Were so many accomplished women truly delighted to look like they belonged in the little ladies area of a toy shop?

Grand to see the bevy of clever, creative ladies utilized as ITV Daytime presenters united in event of next Tuesdays International Womens Day. However why show them in numerous tones of pink– a stereotyped girlie colour, for goodness sake? Were numerous accomplished females really pleased to appear like they belonged in the little women area of a toy store?

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