October 6, 2022

Katy Perry Guesses Who is from Her Past

Katy, it’s time to play A Blast from the Past. I mean, I’m nervous. Have I made out with any of these people?
– We’ll find out shortly.
– OK, great.
– Will I have
– We’ve got six people.
– Rremembered? Five of them are strangers to you, one of them is
– I definitely have made out with five. One of them is from your past. I never forget that mustache. I’d like you to pick one,
and once you get the person, you can only ask yes or no questions until you find
– we find out who the person is. OK, well
– Here we go. I would like to say number two? Number two. Number two, are you from Katy Perry’s past? I am not. He is not.
[CHIME] I’m sorry, Katy. Let’s go back to the board. Well, you’re really cute. Would you like to guess again? So I thought maybe we having some kind of association. Maybe a part of your future perhaps. No, no, no, that’s done. Anyone else look familiar to you? Anyone else look familiar, number four? Number four, are you from Katy Perry’s
– Is number five, like, my therapist? –past. I am from your past. Oh my god
– [FANFARE] Stop, I know who this is. Erica! Ahnika, yeah. Ahnika! [TRIUMPHANT FANFARE] Close enough.
Now- We were really good friends, Ahnika. How good friends were you, like, how close? Sixth grade, no? Or fifth? Sixth and seventh grade. There were only like eight girls in our junior high. Yes. You are just so beautiful. What an incredibly beautiful woman you’ve grown into. Thanks. I remember we were pretty mischievous. I actually do you remember me getting suspended for three days for humping a tree? Huh, you were very mischievous, I remember.
KATY PERRY: Ahnika, how good friends will we be now? Ahnika, do you have any stories you’d like to share about Katy? I do, but they kind of all revolve around boobs, so hopefully that’s OK. I think that’ll be all right. That’d be all right, right Katy? What do you mean? What do you mean, these life givers? Go right ahead. Yeah, the first one I could remember is when you had a sleepover once at our house, and you were telling my younger sister and I that we could not wear a bra to bed because if we did, it will crush our boobs, and they would never grow. I didn’t realize you
– you were giving medical advice. I mean, exhibit A. Exhibit A. Yes, it’s, you know, you just have to
– your body is a temple, and you should protect it. Right, or leave it unprotected. What’s the other story you remember, Ahnika? The other story was that I think you were in a dressing room, we were changing for PE, or something, and you took– you pulled your shirt up and you said, look, I have to wear two bras, because my boobs are so big. And that has not gotten me anywhere. Nowhere. Well, what a beautiful
reunion this has been, Ahnika. Yes. I’m glad you’re saving the third story for yourself. Please don’t call. There you go, oh, yeah, well, I don’t think you can really touch her, it’s TV, Katy. It’s not– yeah, and she’s that way, anyway, but
– Oh. I’m caught in the matrix. Hey, Katy, thank you, Ahnika, I hope this was as rewarding for you as it was for the rest of us. I love you Katy, you are forever. She’s gone. You’re going on– Forever. a world tour, right now, right? I’m actually leaving here, and getting on a plane to go to Santiago, Chile. Well do you, would you like to take a hot dog along with you, because we’ve got a– I would love a hot dog, and
– [CHEERING] Be careful, Guillermo. I just
– I have to say this is not the first time I’ve been hit with a hot dog, let’s go.
– Ready?
– Here we go. Aim down! Aim down, aim down!
[SCREAMING] [APPLAUSE] Game over. You got one? It’s a chili dog. There you go. Katy Perry, everybody. It’s a chili dog! “American Idol,” Sunday night, here on ABC. If you liked that video, click the Subscribe button, but only if you’re ready for commitment.

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