October 6, 2022

Kid-Friendly Holiday Crafts

We have an ice rink story coming up, a holiday lights story. I hope, kylie, you have a craft that will look great in your home. I have that this morning, just for you and other suburbs besides just maple grove.

So we have lori. Good morning. Of course, our favorite helpers. First day of holiday break and they are up at 5:43 in the morning to help us make crafts. So tell me about kids create studios. There’s an educational component. It’s a retail concept.

We like to say we help kids with master pieces. Weave got some awesome art themes. All you last-minute shoppers, swing by the studios. We love it. So this morning we are helping you make something that is so fun for the kids. This will help keep kids entertained.

So what are we hang. We’re going to be making these fun snow men ornaments. I think the best part about the holidays are crafting. Kids have started to dive in. We put craft glue and little bit of this biopant in a cup. We’re going to stir it up and all of the supplies except for the bio paint you clan get to your craft store.

The bio paint we add so the snowman can have a little more color to it. I’m sure most people have that at home. You dump it on the plate. Well done. It doesn’t matter what kind of puddle you make. The glue will spread out on your own. Then add in your string to hang your owner m tap it in there.

This is the messy part. We like the messy part. Our not though is making a mess is the best. Do all the kids get to wear the apron. Yes. Mels they don’t want — unless they don’t want to. We are using pony beads. You can use construction paper.

So you’re putting them in. It’s okay if they droop. It’s going do what it’s going to do. Then we have these. You can use pipe cleaners. You can use construction paper. You can use just about anything you want. How long do these need to sit? It will take overnight if not long tore dry.

If you want to get them on your christmas tree, do it today. A little too messy, too much work. We have so much going on. We have a mine craft. We have one called glitter galore. My favorite is called party with picasso. And then also another one we’re doing.

So we have fun stuff to keep the kids busy. So we’re putting all that information on our website and we are linking to how you can make this. We will tv magic fast forward. Look how cute this is. It’s a melted snowman. His face drooped. Thank you so much for coming in. Great idea. Those are super cute.

Our rachel slavik said things are working out smoothly. Kylie? This weekend it’s all about spending time with the family. If you’re having kids over, holiday crafts are a way to keep things fun during the hectic hole — holidays. We have lara olson. We have lily and charlie, the star crafters.

Good morning. Happy holiday break, everybody. Good morning. So what are we making? Snow globes. This is an absolute fan favorite. We do this idea for lots of different themes. We do star wars ones. So it’s a pretty detailed — there’s a pretty detailed tutorial on our website.

I would suggest taking a look at this. The kids are doing the very last detail which is adding a little extra design to the base of it but what we’re going to do to start and you’ll see this on our blog. This is forest clay which is super sticky clay or tape. You clan get it at a craft store.

You put that right down there. Is that just an eraser? Yes. You have a figure — figurine, an eraser. We have collarly and lily and that’s so cool. Did you add glitter before adding water. Usually i do a better job. So then i would put a little glitter in, fill this with water up to about so and just put it all together.

Then you’re going to close it up super tight and you’re going to take a hot glue gun. You don’t want this to open. Then the clay around it. Model magic to finish it off. We have a link to all the instructions. But quickly tell us about kids creates. We’re all about art and art education.

Lots of winter break classes and we have two locations in the twin cities. Hopefully having more soon. We have fran choice opportunities available. I have a feeling in the next year we’ll have more locations. Thank you so much. Most look fantastic. Thank you for these ideas. I know it can get busy around the holidays. So to have fun crafts here’s

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