October 6, 2022

Teach your Kid to Swim with no stress

How are you today? You’re good. Are you ready to learn are to swim? Are you afraid of swimming a bit? You’re afraid when it’s deep, right? okay, I Remember, it’s super simple, right? The first thing is to be relaxed Learn how to grow your bubbles underwater for five seconds. I hold you Can you look inside the water for five second and blow bubbles one, two, three, four five You see it’s deep.
Right, but it’s fine because you’re gonna stay on the surface of the water You’re not going down in the water because your body is floating. So come five seconds bubbles again One two three, four five. Very good. See here. You can touch the ground. It is shallow You feel better here.
Okay, do your five seconds bubbles alone? Show me One two three, four five. There you go You exactly understand when you do your bubbles try to open your arms Open your legs and feel you can float on the water. You’re not going to fall in the water You’re gonna stay on the surface.
Show me again One two three four and five touch the ground okay one more time One two four five Super you did five seconds bubbles you touch the ground every time okay Now understood the difficulty is after your bubbles if it’s deep you cannot touch the ground, okay bud?
So when you cannot touch the ground use your hands like a tiger By pulling the water after your bubbles. You can breathe up on the surface with your head And then go bubbles again So the idea is we will try to go to the other side but don’t touch the ground So you do your five seconds bubbles at the middle here you do the tiger. I help you.
Okay, and you finish with five seconds bubbles in I we don’t touch the ground anymore try So one two three four, tiger and bubbles There you go. Three four… tiger tiger with your hands and bubbles How is it, you okay? High five! That is pretty cool. You know, you did the good tiger. So we do one more time I do with you.
Okay, I come One two three, four tiger breathe with your tiger and bubbles one two three, four five tiger and bubbles one two three four Here is a bit deeper. You cannot touch the ground here. We try together. I will help you.
Okay, if you need my help one two, three, four tiger and bubbles one two three, four tiger and bubbles One, two, three, four tiger and bubbles Hey, that’s pretty good. How you feel? Okay Is it okay Listen to me when you do your Tiger try to do big tiger your hands not small movement But big movement if it’s big it’s better than if you’d smell okay. I will try again big movement when you breathe Yes That was big very good. High five! You try to come alone to me. I’m just right here.
Okay, I come After your five seconds bubbles do not stay underwater you need to breathe so you need to do your tiger, okay? All right. I want you to breathe up alone, huh? I’m here I watch you, but you have to breathe up alone You can try Yes, you’re not going to sleep? Let’s go I did very let’s go.
Okay, so Relaxed that was very good. We try one more time hold the wall Under stress and to me slowly and easy be relaxed. Okay, bro. I come here come One two three Do your tiger. Do you know that’s not right. Don’t rush to catch me You have to do your tiger and blow bubbles again, okay show me Okay, so one two three four Tiger Tiger And bubbles.
All right, one, two three Four there you go. Relax, relax, please. You did it. It’s very good. You understand? No panic, no stress. You need to do your Tiger after your five seconds bubbles by yourself Okay, and then you do again the powers show me One two three four tiger Run two three four and Relax man, it’s very good. Okay, but I can tell you are not so confident, huh? Just relax It’s super simple.
Yes All right. Take the wall We try one more time Anders are you ready? Show me my friend come to Christian One two three four tiger, okay Don’t all your breath big bubbles big bubbles Grow big bubbles and relax. Yes, I understand One two three four Tiger Tiger If I touch your head it means do your Tiger, okay, don’t touch my hands I go one two three four tiger Good one two, three four How you feel you okay?
You good high five, man That’s very good. Learn how to be relaxed. It’s super simple. All right? And you did not sleep much yesterday, huh? You look so sleepy today. What happens to you? Alright we practice again next week. Okay, buddy

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