October 6, 2022

The Importance Of Positive Parenting

Today we’ll talk about the importance of positive parenting. And by the end of our conversation today, it will be very clear to you why that is an important choice to make. In the interest of illuminating the obvious. Which is one of my favorite activities. There are only 2 options.
Honestly, when you think about it, either we are positive in our parenting or what’s the alternative? Negative. I don’t think that there’s a neutral option. The fact that you’re here tells me so much about you. You’re a conscious, concerned parent. You want to adopt that positive position so that you can have an influence.
Why is that so important? Let’s take the alternative for just a moment.
–Negative parenting. We have all kinds of studies and research and clinical experience that tell us negative parenting brings about many of the ills that we are concerned about in our society. We know for example that negative parenting can lead to increased violence, increased crime rates, increased substance abuse.
Do you see how all of these things have such an impact on our society? I’m not saying that it’s parenting that causes all of those problems. I’m saying that there is a high correlation between an increase in those problems and negative patterns of parenting. What’s the bottom line here? Negative parenting increases misery.
And for me really there’s only 2 options. Either we’re going toward misery or we’re going toward joy. Last year, I had the opportunity to speak 3 times at the state prison. These are members of our society who have through whatever choices they’ve made ended up incarcerated.
And many of them will tell me that some of those choices came from their early experiences with neglect or abuse. And when I think about negative parenting patterns, those words come to mind. There’s all kinds of different levels of that. But I think we’ve established that negative parenting leads to very negative results, Not only for us and our kids, but for our society as a whole.
We’re not here to talk about negative parenting, are we? We’re all about positive parenting. We got a whole playlist here on the channel called the positive parenting playlist. Connect with that. As you become more conscious as a parent and you choose positivity over negativity, some really cool things start to happen.
First and foremost, we put ourselves and our children in a better position to succeed. The research is very clear about positivity increasing productivity. And this is in any aspect of life. I teach this concept to corporate groups, to sales teams, to customer service people. Positivity increases productivity.
That’s something you get to provide for your own kids through your positive parenting. Positive parenting also strengthens the very fabric of our society. I believe that the core element of any healthy, productive Society is the family.
Positive parenting creates an environment and the culture within that family that ripples out from there and affects communities and states and provinces and countries and our entire global community. This is where it starts. That’s why it’s so important. The bottom line?
For me, to remember I think there’s only 2 possibilities or 2 potential outcomes. It’s either gonna be on the misery side or on the joy side. Positive parenting increases joy. And if that’s not a good enough reason to do it, then I don’t know what would be. In this video, as we’re talking about the importance of positive parenting, notice we haven’t talked about how to do it.
If you’re committed to positivity in your parenting, you can bring about some of those amazing outcomes that we’ve talked about here today. To support you in that cause, we’ve put together a whole playlist on positive parenting. I hope that you connect to that and share it with other people that you love as well.
I’m so glad that you’re here, that you’re conscious, that you’re connected, that you’re positive. Let’s spread the word to as many people as we can. Would you click on one of those share options below? I bet you can think of someone who would really benefit from our conversation. And remember to connect to the positive parenting playlist here on the channel and to the parenting power up which you can also find links for down below.

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