October 6, 2022


Helmet check camera check safety goggles check What are you doing? Oh I’m putting together my storm-chasing kit storm-chasing kit Yeah, I’m gonna get some awesome footage of storms and sell it to the Weather Channel for millions of dollars.
I Don’t think that’s how it works Millions of dollars. Let me see what you’ve got As you can see I have everything here that a storm chaser could need What are these sunglasses for Well to the untrained eyes those are sunglasses
But those are actually safety goggles to protect my eyes from flying debris Wait a minute. What’s this pillow for? Well a seasoned storm chaser knows that a lot of the time is just spent just lying around waiting for storms So that pillow is just in case I want to take a nap Addie aren’t you missing one key thing – storm chasing What’s that? You’re terrified of storms? No, I’m not.
I just keep a respectful and safe distance from them. Oh Is that why you were hiding under your blanket last time? There was a thunderstorm I was just trying to muffle the sound from the Thunder. Hmm. I guess you could use the pillow for that Oh Jillian that’s something an amateur would do real storm chasers use earplugs.
Ah, So you got this all figured out, huh? Yep, I’ll just drive right up to the storms and start recording them Drive? Addie you’re 12 Anyway, so you remember what happened last time you tried to drive a car? Whoa, who said I was driving a car.
Well, what are you gonna do ride a horse? Jillian I’m gonna ask you to turn your head slightly to the left your left or my left. Never mind a Bike, how are you gonna carry all this stuff while riding a bike Well, I’m not gonna carry all this stuff while riding a bike. You’re gonna carry all this stuff while I’m riding a bike Great.
Well, where’s my bike? You’re the stormchasers assistant? You don’t get a bike then. What do I I’m gonna ask you to turn all the way around huh A Three-wheeled flying turtle, that’s how I’m supposed to chase storms No, I’m chasing them.
You’re just assisting me No wonder you’re still an assistant This is all kind of a moot point Addie. tornadoes don’t come to this area They come every 15 years or so, and I want to be ready What’s that sound it could be a tornado I better check the weather report. It’s not a tornado It’s totally a tornado Addie there’s no tornado and to prove it I’m gonna look right out this window
No, you should stay away from windows during a tornado What do you see over there Jillian, uh siren hood liar, it’s a tornado, isn’t it? Yep, it’s a tornado a real tornado. Aah What are you doing great storm chaser is he gone yet? Is it gone yet?
Tell me it’s gone Shouldn’t you be out there on your little bike getting footage? It’s not very convenient is it? Addie the tornado is literally on our street it isn’t gonna get any more convenient than that. I Don’t know if I’m quite ready for this Really because I would have never known I guess I could at least take a look
So, what do you think tornado expert Tornado I’m just gonna take this couch cushion away from you Jillian it’s a tornado call 9-1-1 call Godzilla Call Superman What would Godzilla do to a tornado? I don’t know wrestle it to the ground and kick it Look, you’re the tornado expert.
So take a deep breath and tell me what we’re supposed to do Okay, okay Okay. I have no idea and you call yourself a storm chaser Well, you’re the assistant storm chaser What do you think we should do well for now we stay put but we have to start thinking long-term What do you mean?
Well, there’s a pretty good chance the power will go out What oh, sorry I was just playing with the lights which light goes on like goes up like goes on like goes up like goes on like goes Up. Stop that I meant like we should get flashlights or something Flashlights, where are we ever gonna find flashlights on such short notice? You’re holding three What?
Oh, yeah, what else are we gonna need? We could be stuck here for a while. We’re gonna need some basic supplies Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I got us covered Well, we’re gonna need more than just that. What are we gonna drink? I Got us covered Powerade Yeah, there’s an odd number so we’ll have to split one But Addie we can’t just live off of Powerade.
Oh So you’re saying we need something more substantial like food? Exactly. What do we got? 700 tootsie rolls, that should last us at least an hour What’s with all this product placement? Anyways, is this a sponsored video?
no, but it could be (call us) We better check on that storm Yeah, it seems to be getting closer we might need some first aid But Powerade is a thirst aid I said first aid not thirst aid Well, you’re in luck cuz I just happened to collect first-aid kits.
I’ll be right back She collects first-aid kits what’s that say about her that she collects first-aid kits We’ve got band-aids we’ve got medicine we have itch relief What if the house collapses and falls on my head? Geez? I said we had band-aids Wait, it sounds like the tornado is getting even closer Nah we need to avoid mobile homes Avoid mobile homes.
What are you talking about? It was in the tornado safety manual. Oh now you remember what to do? We should get away from this window and under a mattress Good idea throwing this gymnastics mat over a chair I know you can see what other pillow forts we built on Jillian and Addie Laughs this isn’t a time to self-promote.
It’s always a time to self promote Jillian always It seems like it’s calming down out there Yeah, why are we whispering? The tornado might hear us. Oh, yeah, let’s go check it out It’s gone, I think we’ve survived the tornado It is gone.
Wait. What do you mean? You think we survived? I don’t know Maybe this is the afterlife it’s not the afterlife Jillian where do tornadoes go when they’re gone. I don’t know I guess they just dissipate wait. Why are you talking like that? I’ve been so traumatized, I’ve reverted to a childlike state stop it.
Just stop it Wait, I heard the front door open. Do you think that the tornado got into the house? Tornadoes can’t get into houses Well, once I left my window open and some rain got into the house. Why can’t a tornado get into the house? That’s just not how tornadoes work for one thing. They’re too big So you’re saying a little tornado could get into the house.
No, that’s not what I said at all. I’ma go check You gotta be kidding me a little tornado got into the house Well, Addie I stand corrected well wait till the other storm chasers see this footage They’ll probably just think you used a green screen effect Jillian do you think we’re in any danger here?
Well, we could just close the door Look out hailstones Oh HAIL No I’m gonna collect samples Those hailstones look awfully a lot like ice cubes Yeah, and there’s little bits of dog fur in them. That’s strange our carpet just needs vacuumed
So, how long is this thing gonna stay here at least till the video is 10 minutes long? How do we get rid of it? Maybe we should learn to live with the tornado instead of just getting rid of it Yeah, that’s not gonna work for me. A warm upward draft can kill a tornado.
Why don’t you try blowing on it, Addie? You’re full of hot air very funny Well, what are some things that can slow down the wind? I don’t know sails kites That’s it kites will get a hundred kites Or we could just close the door.
I’m through with messing around say hello to my little friend Addie, I don’t think that’s gonna work too late Well that worked like a nerf blaster against a tornado well, let’s hear your bright idea come with me Why do I have to be the monkey I didn’t want to mess up my hair
There was a tornado and you’re worried about your hair Alright tornado take a good look at this What exactly is the reasoning behind this Jillian Well, you know in The Wizard of Oz a tornado came
Yeah, it house landed on the witch killing her That was just one which you can’t make generalizations about all which is based on just one I still don’t know why I have to be a monkey Anyways, the point is once the witch showed up the tornado was gone.
This is stupid Wait, look I think it’s working Wow it did work Probably just a coincidence You’re just jealous cuz my idea worked Whatever Jillian I’m just glad to be out of that monkey outfit mom We didn’t even get a chance to show the tornado our Cowardly Lion Cowardly Lion what Cowardly Lion This Cowardly Lion
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