October 6, 2022


Four, Five (Gasp), it’s (Catch me Knuckles theme song) We’re gonna be finding out about baby is a boy or a girl! Well not technically, We’re gonna be kind of guessing it with the old wives tales’ But not with any old, old wives tales, we’re going to be using.. the ‘GENDER PREDICTION’!
Ohhhhh. What the? How’d you fit that in your pants? (Laughing) Close your eyes. Is it a guinea pig? No, but it is a surprise. I can’t see, *murmurs* I’m kinda scared. I’m scared too! I hate having my eyes closed Is it a puppy? No, it’s not a puppy. Okay ready? I want you to all get lined up in front of the surprise, okay?
It smells like tomato sauce! And raisins? (Laughs) OPEN! I present to you, what our lovely grandma made us.. the ‘Boy or Girl Prediction’! Wow! Mhm But! We cannot tell Mama what we’re doing otherwise… Her answers might not be accurate, so, we are just going to have to ask her all of these questions, but in disguise Sockie, but how are we going to get Mama’s pee without her knowing? Good question! I’ve actually been thinking about it, ready?
So when she goes to the toilet, yeah, she pees in the toilet and there might be a- Well where do you think she pees? In the backyard? Yeah, yeah, no! It might be mixed with some water in the toilet, but then we get a cup and like take some out! Biggy, you’re going to have that job! Is that a good idea?
No! So the first thing we’ve got to ask her if she’s craving sweet or salty. So we’re going to have to go to the shop. So, do you know where we’re going Papa? To the shops Yes. We need to get Mama something salty and something sweet! To see if the baby’s a boy or a girl! What should we get that’s sweet?
DONUTS! Awwwwwww! Great minds think alike! What should we get her, something that’s salty? SALT! No! Salt? No not salt, maybe something like chips! So LEGENDS quick girlfriend update. My girlfriend the doll, yeah we kind of broke up a little. Yeah, because I had a girlfriend in roblox, so yeah umm..
So there was just a guy behind me and he heard all of these secret, personal things of my girlfriend and me breaking up. So that was very embarrassing, anyways.. Not but, Biggy’s girlfriend actually ‘broke up’, so is she out of your life now Bigs?
Yeah, kind of, yeah. Oh my god! Oh my god. That’s sad!! It’s sad, but she’s not out of my life because she’s in Nazzy’s bedroom! But yeah, you know, she cuts- So you still have to see each other? Yeah we kinda still, I, I want what I- That’s awkward, that’s awkward! It’s not awkward! It’s hard when you break up and you still have to see someone!
Especially when she sleeps in your sisters bedroom! We could win… A MILLION CASH!!!! YESSSS! Let’s get those chips! For ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! We could get a Lamborghini!!! OOOOOOOH She has no idea, so whatever she picks is whatever she actually thinks. That’s scary, old wive’s tales!
Perfect that’s the best commitment ever! Ca- #CATCHMEKNUCKLES (Catch Me Knuckles theme song) Don’t forget #CATCHMEKNUCKLES on Instagram! Look at that handsome boy, that boy in the mirror. Okay guys we’re gonna play a game, we’re gonna see which Norris Nut can guess the correct price of the chips.
Umm….. I reckon it’s, $2 I reckon $2.50, I reckon it’s $2.50. I reckon it’s $3 Okay ready? (Gasps) It’s $2! Sockie got it right! (Laughs and giggles) What do you do when your dad’s on the escalator? YOU EAT DONUTS! You eat donuts! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What’re you doing?
So Biggy’s gonna go downstairs and put the sweet and salty food down there. Go Bigs, and then we’re going to film here in our hidden location. Shhhhhhhhhh! Hopefully Mum doesn’t realise! K, go Bigs! Yep, now run, RUN! Run (Giggles and murmurs) Shhhhhhh! I heard the door.
Where’s she going? Did you see it? More for us! Might just have to wait up here all night! What are you doing? Umm, we’re just filming for no particular reason We’re gonna see if the baby-SHHHHHH What, what is going on? How’d she find out, was it too obvious? Present, present, present. We got you a present.
Good. We we we GOT YOU A PRESENT! But you can only pick one! Hey, who ate all the caramel? No we didn’t we only ate the chocolate! (Laughing) Sorry! It’s a girl so far I’m pretty sure! Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let’s just double check! Because she ate the donuts which is the sweet food! So that means it’s a girl! So far Bigs, because we have a lot more questions to go.
Okay! What’s next one heartbeat above or below 140 beats. How would we do this? So we could pretend we’re watching a relaxing movie and someone just lays on Mum’s tummy, and listens! So we’re gonna message mom how many heartbeats shares per minute because like that’s the only reasonable option! But Sab it’s the baby’s heartbeats not Mum’s? Ohhhh, really? Oh is it? Yeah it’s the baby’s! Isn’t it? I’m pretty sure it is? Oh, yeah, okay!
Sorry. Here, So we’re gonna send the message now, and the FOOD! Ahhhhh, it’s sent! And our favourite thing for us to do LEGENDS is pester Mum until she answers so should we say- *Everyone Yelling* She’s answering Oh great! “I think it was 150”.
So the heartbeat was above 140, so everything means the heartbeat is going to be a girl so far! Oh my god! This is really good, because I really want a girl! Wait the next question is a bit trickier, Mum might get a bit suspicious. Pick up the key by the circle part or the, the long part? Probably getting yourself under the door and then which is possession of my 13.
They were like it always asked You pick it up, okay Thanks, bye oh my gosh, everything is pointing towards it being a girl Morning sickness, we know this one already because mom’s been complaining to us a little bit like oh Like yes or no, well, we’re asking for occasion Oh Ninety fool He’s definitely white his last song Was late, but that means the blue option.
So now it’s like it’s not half boy or girl, but it Awaits now, what’s the Chinese calendar? Is a lunisolar calendar which reckons he is months and days according to astronomical phenomena It’s my mom having a boy or a girl, baby Sorry, I’m not sure about that.
Do you prefer blue or pink? Sorry, I’m not sure We don’t have any Chinese pounds or so that’s out. Oh You think it’s a boy or a girl I think it’s a girl I think it’s a boy a boy Wrestling Fineman boy. I wanted to be a boy but being a su amigo, come on.
Let me just get something nice enough It’s just one question is your gut feeling a boy or a girl I’ve got feeling like like the baby. Did you see I’ll go a Hundred percent it’s a boy like a hundred percent I have guests every gender correctly and I am sure that this baby is a boy if it’s not a boy, I will Do back to it
So everyone’s gut feeling was even between girl and boys and Yeah mum, pee-wee’s couple of see if you still pregnant We’re gonna see if you’re still pregnant, can you please clean the wine-cup? Wrong are you just gonna ruin the vogue right now? It quit. It’s the look. Come on, please a Hope that’s gonna get millions of views.
Yes Mum PZ one cup Come on mum, please Please please wait Was I the cop UNT Voice massif was still pregnant, please. I am pregnant. You might not be encased baby my fell out come on, please My mum’s been that for quite some time
Oh My god, did I cut though she’s embarrassed I can’t believe I’m holding mum’s pig Poster legend Oh boy Rolling believe I let me have two boys and four girls, so it’s it’s still mostly girls So mo might be having ball. He does baking power. No see oh Yes Yes, no, it’s not a little noise that’s more like science, okay So the fees is I’m not sure yet.
If it business it makes avoid it doesn’t use to go Wow what complexion bag or glowing is next for Sammy mum, I mean – thanks Think that’s glowing face. You are the glowing face aliens We’re just gonna say glowing cuz The next one says ring test no baby bump. Oh I although oh We need us a measurement get my tape measure, right?
Don’t squish your baby mate, I’m gonna make me a dress or what are you gonna do? Okay, so the bump is I believe that mum was tying the baby alone The next question is rank test Circle or side to side?
Where’s that does my mother do like that a bit nothing to hula hoops It lets you see who is you go side side when she speak or visit backward ya around I Understand what I have to be the star of the clean Messy messy Thanks mom ring test circle or sighs
Nothing s is done nothing simple the first step, okay Hey Mooji, yes or no In the video To let you blow up at us from a donor that’s true maybe You go to have you back Piggies always have me great great IDs. I can’t you just act like a chicken tastes act like it cheating the whole You dream come true Has mom being Moody
Just normal so is that a yes or is there enough Yes, she’s very old Anyway Yes, or no Now necklace graceful or clumsy and I got great way of how we need a stop wait for a banana in the hallway Determine great at what he misses Banana
Okay, mostly prey so we used to believe that right Graceful or clumsy please. Oh, she’s graceful. Yeah, definitely one two, three four Five six seven. Oh seven girls right seven same Please one two three, four five We’re not sure yet but it might be a girl Last time I checked LEGENDS never hur-

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